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Sometimes all it takes is a conversation to help you figure out what you need to do in order to get your book-length project on track, and decide whether you’d benefit from book coaching. 

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Writing a book can be difficult and lonely—even for seasoned authors. It’s a fact that all writers have doubts and fears, especially in the highly competitive world of publishing these days.

It’s easy to lose heart and give up when the going gets tough—which it almost certainly will.

That’s where hiring a book coach can make a difference. A trained book coach can shepherd you through the process of conceiving, writing, and polishing your manuscript, or just come in at a later stage and help you identify problems and fix them. Working with a book coach can make the difference between writing draft after draft without knowing if your changes are fixing the problems, and zeroing in quickly and effectively on what your manuscript needs.

Hear what my book coaching clients have to say:

Susanne has a unique skill set in that she is both an experienced and successful writer as well as a superb editor. She possesses a keen sense of character, story flow, pacing, and marketability. She understands the architecture necessary to build a novel, and she is gentle but clear in her feedback. I will hire her again!

Nerissa Nields

Book Coaching Client

Susanne’s manuscript review offered some much-needed encouragement and perspective on my second novel at a time when I was struggling with a short deadline and the typical sophomore book obstacles. Her sense of story and pacing was a true gift and made a significant difference in the final draft.

Deanna Cameron

Book Coaching Client

Really pleased with my experience of working with book coach, Susanne Dunlap. I had written a novel that received interest from literary agents but no offer of representation. After working with Susanne, I have a clear plan for for how to strengthen and revise my manuscript. I only wish I had used Susanne’s book coaching earlier in the process of writing my novel!

Jody Callahan

Book Coaching Client

“Susanne showed me a whole new way to look at my memoir. She encouraged and inspired me, taking me through specific exercises each week to narrow my focus and heighten the narrative. She was very thorough, professional, and timely in all our exchanges via email and Zoom calls. Most of all, she gave me the confidence to know that I had a story worth telling.”

Louise M.

Book Coaching Client

I am an Author Accelerator Advanced Certified Book Coach, which means I have fulfilled the requirements of a rigorous course and submitted practicums. I’m privileged to be among the premier community of book coaching professionals!


What is book coaching? How is it different from hiring an editor?

Book coaching is an ongoing relationship based on meeting pre-determined deadlines that include reading and commenting on pages; doing exercises to help focus your project on your genre, audience, and market; and having regular, scheduled conversations to discuss your work. It’s like having a cheerleader, project manager, editor, and friend by your side every step of the way as you reach your writing goals—whether it’s finishing that novel, finally writing your memoir, or putting together a top-notch book proposal that gets your expertise in front of readers to build your business.

The right book coach can help you conquer the challenges of writing your book. It’s a way to ensure that your book is in the best shape it can be—for submission to agents and editors or for self-publishing. And a book coach is also an experienced, professional editor.

I love working with writers at all different stages in the process and at all different levels—from those who have never written a book before, to those with publication credits under their belts and who just need specific help meeting a deadline.

How do you choose a book coach?

A book-coaching relationship is personal, one-to-one. Not all coaches are a fit for all writers. That’s why the relationship has to start with a conversation. After you complete an intake questionnaire, we’ll get on the phone or have a video call to talk about your goals and expectations.

If we work together, I will help you make a plan for your work with concrete deadlines, usually every two weeks. Each deadline includes a written review of your material and a half-hour call to talk about my comments and let you ask questions and share how it’s all going.

If you think book coaching might be the right answer for you, contact me using the form below. There’s no obligation, of course. 

Will you help me write a bestseller?

The short answer is that there are no guarantees in publishing. Success in the market depends on so many variables that can have nothing to do with the quality of your book. Very few writers make those bestseller lists.

What I can do is help you achieve the writing goals you set, whether it’s to finish a manuscript, to self-publish, or to get to a point where you’re ready to submit to agents and editors. I can guarantee that I will bring to our working relationship all my experience as a published author and an expert editor who understands the mechanics and psychology of storytelling.

I put my whole heart into working with authors, and seeing you meet the milestones you set is one of my greatest satisfactions.

Contact me to start a discussion about book coaching!

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