Writing is a solitary occupation. Fortunately, the Internet has become a ready source of information and connection, whether you’re researching a story or looking for guidance on craft—or just want to read about what other writers are doing. Below are a few of my go-to resources when I need a little writing inspiration.


This site really is a hub, gathering content from all around the Web as well as content they generate themselves. It’s a good place to explore as a Web site, and I also recommend getting their daily emails, which give a good taste of the news and information on their site.

Women Writers, Women’s Books

This online magazine, dedicated to putting women writers in the foreground, often has wonderful essays and insight into writers’ creative processes, as well as their routes to publication. (You can read my recent article on this site!)


Even if you’re not going to use their publishing services (which offer a very professional hybrid publishing option—but are quite expensive), there’s a ton of great content about writing, editing, and publishing on their site. And they don’t bombard you with emails if you get on their list.

Daily Writing Tips

This is particularly good for nuts-and-bolts, basic information about grammar and usage. They send writing tips with considerable substance to your inbox.

There are many more great sites out there. Tell me about the ones you like in the comments!