Back when I first started on my book coaching journey, during a pandemic-petrified world where I wasn’t sure what would come next, an extraordinary woman reached out to me—I think she took me up on a 5-page review offer—and we started working together on a blueprint process for her memoir.

She had been writing blogs about her journey through being diagnosed and having surgery for hydrocephalus, and then learning to live with two benign brain tumors. She was sharing these blog posts with a small group of close friends. Brain-tumor and other survival memoirs are not unusual. What was unusual about Susan was her mindset of gratitude—and her fall-down-laughing sense of humor.

 We went through the blueprint process, and she went off to do some more work before coming back to me to coach her through writing the book. Susan was a joy, beginning to end. Her voice is so engaging as she introduces us to The Emerald City (the Mayo Clinic), her remarkable team of doctors, nurses, clinicians, physical therapists, etc., and of course her two dearest friends: Pinena and Polyanna, her brain tumors.

What could have been a sad, dull story absolutely glitters with personality, charm, and humor. I am so honored to have been able to help her create her beautiful book, Keep Calm: It’s Just a Brain Tumor.

Although I thought she could have gotten an agent and a publishing contract, Susan is (of course) very aware of mortality and the precious gift of time. She chose instead to publish with Bellastoria Press, a selective hybrid publisher.

The result is that I now have my wonderful client’s book in my hands. That, in my opinion, is possibly the greatest reward of being a book coach. Knowing that I was able to help Susan achieve this dream of hers, a record of her healing and gratitude for all those who helped her—and are helping her still.

And by the way, she’s donating everything she makes from the book sales to brain tumor research.

Back when I started this book-coaching journey, I had no idea just how magical it would be, how having the expertise and knowledge to coach writers in many genres to get their books started, revised, finished, and published could be the most rewarding thing I’ve ever done in my professional life. I thank Author Accelerator for creating the courses that opened my eyes and gave me so many skills.

But most of all, I thank the writers who have trusted and are trusting me with their work, their hearts and minds. I couldn’t do any of this without you.