Working with an Editor

You’re a writer as soon as you put pen to paper or fingers to keys. You’ve shown your story/novel/memoir to your friends and family, and they love it—perhaps because they also love you.

But if you want a really objective look at your work, and expert guidance on how to take it from existing, to improving, to being the best it can be, hiring an independent editor can really make a difference.

The choice of editor is a very personal one, which is why I offer a free, 10-page sample edit (3,000 words).

Below you’ll find some testimonials from writers I’ve worked with, and a contact form you can fill out if you want to get in touch and find out more!

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There are basically three different types of editing:

  1. Developmental or substantive editing
  2. Line editing
  3. Copy editing

Developmental editing

This is a good choice if you’ve got a rough manuscript and want feedback on the big picture—pacing, overall structure, story idea, plot, characters. I tend to mix a bit of line editing in because I can’t help myself. 🙂

Line editing

This is where an editor goes line-by-line through your manuscript, focusing on the strength of the prose, word choice, and other detailed matters.

Copy editing

I’m not primarily a copy editor. Copy editing and proofreading often go hand-in-hand. This entails looking for grammar mistakes, inconsistencies, and other prose errors rather than looking at the overall work.

I offer the first two, plus an overall manuscript evaluation.

When you hire me to give you a developmental edit, a line edit, or a manuscript evalutation, you can expect that I will give your work a close, detailed read. 

For an edit of a complete manuscript, you’ll get your marked-up manuscript plus a two-page minimum editorial letter. It’s up to you to decide how many of my suggestions to implement. 

A manuscript evaluation will consist of an editorial overview of the strengths and weaknesses of your existing manuscript.

Overall, my approach is to stress the positives as well as point out areas that need some work. Writing is a hard, lonely occupation. We need encouragement as well as feedback.

Susanne and I have worked together on several projects and she was the main editor of my novel “Acts of Contrition.”  Susanne’s comments, insights, and suggestions were excellent, thought provoking, and on target. I would recommend her for any editing project.

Rita Bleiman

Susanne’s manuscript review offered some much-needed encouragement and perspective on my second novel at a time when I was struggling with a short deadline and the typical sophomore book obstacles. Her sense of story and pacing was a true gift and made a significant difference in the final draft.

DeAnna Cameron

Susanne has a unique skill set in that she is both an experienced and successful writer as well as a superb editor. She possesses a keen sense of character, story flow, pacing, and marketability. She understands the architecture necessary to build a novel, and she is gentle but clear in her feedback. I will hire her again!

Nerissa Nields

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