Book Coaching Packages

Blueprint Your Historical Novel

A powerful program that can set you on your way to writing a first draft that’s more like a fourth draft, or simply help you see the big picture of a manuscript you’re struggling with.

Ongoing Coaching

Twelve deadlines with coaching calls of one-on-one coaching for your project, if you’re beginning a new manuscript, started writing and got stuck in the middle, or starting to revise.

Historical Novel Revision Package

This package is designed for writers with a complete manuscript that still needs work. I’ll review the manuscript and make recommendations, then we’ll have eight coaching deadlines to hammer everything out.

A powerful way to get clarity on your whole book—whether you’re just starting to write, or about to do a revision or a rewrite. This workbook will focus you on the important things that make a difference!

Simply the best way to figure out the messaging, market, structure, and more for your nonfiction book. 4 deadlines, 4 coaching calls.

Nonfiction book proposal coaching, starting with the nonfiction Blueprint and going through to a polished, professional proposal.