How much does it cost?


This top-level look at a completed manuscript consists of a close read, and a two-page minimum editorial letter that identifies the strengths of your work, and the areas that need some attention.

$200 per deadline

This involves a deeper working relationship than simply reading and commenting on a manuscript. Rather than being based on number of pages, I work with you over time, starting with a manuscript evaluation. 

After the evaluation, we figure out together how to work going forward in increments of 25 pages, which I review and edit every 2 weeks. The object is to give you concrete goals to work toward and ongoing feedback for your project.

This is an excellent choice for those who have started but not yet completed a manuscript, or who are stuck and need some encouragement to keep going.

The minimum number of deadlines is six.

$6 per page

If you have a completed manuscript that’s been through revisions and beta readers, but you want a final check for consistency, plot, pacing, and characterisation before you start sending it out, a line edit is a great way to get detailed feedback.

A page is approximately 300 words (12pt Times New Roman, double spaced, with minimum 1″ margins all around). So if you have an 80,000-word manuscript, that will be approximately $1,600.

Susanne and I have worked together on several projects and she was the main editor of my novel “Acts of Contrition.”  Susanne’s comments, insights, and suggestions were excellent, thought provoking, and on target. I would recommend her for any editing project.

Rita Bleiman

Susanne’s manuscript review offered some much-needed encouragement and perspective on my second novel at a time when I was struggling with a short deadline and the typical sophomore book obstacles. Her sense of story and pacing was a true gift and made a significant difference in the final draft.

DeAnna Cameron

Susanne has a unique skill set in that she is both an experienced and successful writer as well as a superb editor. She possesses a keen sense of character, story flow, pacing, and marketability. She understands the architecture necessary to build a novel, and she is gentle but clear in her feedback. I will hire her again!

Nerissa Nields

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