Below are the prices I charge for editing. Payment plans can be arranged if necessary, but I accept all major credit cards online. Editing is labor-intensive, which is why it’s not inexpensive. My average cost per page 12pt Times New Roman, 1″ margins, is $6.

10-Page Manuscript Pre-Review: $50.00

You’ll get my honest assessment of the first 10 pages of your manuscript, as well as a sense of my editing style and taste. A good way to see if we’re a fit.

Fiction Manuscript Review: $750

If you’ve got a fairly polished, completed manuscript and you’re looking for a fresh, overall perspective, the manuscript review is a good choice. I will read your manuscript of up to 80,000 words and give you a top-line, minimum 2-page review of what I see as strengths and areas that could be improved with regard to plot, structure, character development, and pacing. (Does not include line-by-line edits.)

Manuscript Developmental Edit Up To 75,000 Words: $1,500

A careful, close reading of your completed manuscript with line-by-line edits as well as an editorial letter. I’ll give suggestions and observations regarding plot, structure, character development, pacing, and anything else that merits attention.

Manuscript Edit Above 75,000 Words: $6 per additional 300 words

If your manuscript exceeds the 75,000-word limit for $1,500, you can upload it at checkout and I will contact you to arrange payment for the additional length.

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