Full Fiction or Memoir Manuscript Review


A top-line review of your completed manuscript, focusing on plot, pacing, characterization, and other major elements.


Looking for an expert to review your manuscript as a whole, to help identify its strengths and weaknesses and offer guidance about what to do next? This full manuscript review is equivalent to a top-line developmental edit. Although I am an avid reader of many different genres, there are a few that I do not coach:

  • Erotica
  • Horror
  • Christian/religious
  • Anything with excessive violence, especially violence against women

I am part of a network of coaches, though, and could probably direct you to someone who coaches the genres I don’t.

CAVEAT: If you’re looking for reassurance or praise, someone to tell you your manuscript is polished and ready as it is, I am most likely not that person. I will always be honest, but kind. I have yet to review a manuscript that really was publication-ready and that had no big issues. Although opinions can differ, of course, my read is based on extensive knowledge, experience, and training.

If you’re willing to accept constructive feedback, I’ll read your manuscript carefully and provide a minimum 2-page editorial letter that highlights what you’re doing right and what needs some work. I’ll also recommend next steps and offer suggestions about ways to strengthen the manuscript. And I’ll do it not only with professionalism, but with kindness and respect for you and your work.