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In addition to coaching individuals, I teach online workshops and also give self-paced online courses. Below is what’s coming up, with information about how to sign up! Taking a workshop can be a great way to get a taste of how I work with authors before making a commitment with one-on-one coaching. Links for registering are below each description.

Building a Solid Book Structure, August 8, 9:30-am–12:30pm

Whether you’re writing fiction or memoir, your story’s structure is crucial to creating a book that will keep readers turning the pages. But how do you find the structure for your story? In this workshop, you will discover the right structure for our book by examining the ‘present timeline’ of your stories, identifying the narrator’s place in that timeline, and determining where the story should start and end.  We’ll also discuss various narrative-shape examples from literature, in order to inspire and inform your work.

Through Writers in Progress, $75

Workshop is full!

The Inside Outline, September 19, 9:30am–12:30pm

The hardest part about writing a book-length manuscript is thinking on multiple levels at once and keeping everything organized in your head and on the page. Writers have to make sure their plot makes sense and creates the necessary narrative drive, and that their characters follow a satisfying arc of change. Some authors—plotters—make detailed plot outlines that plan out action but leave the character arc to evolve on its own. Others—pantsers—rely on their gut and storytelling instincts and hope for the best.

But there is a third technique that can help both pantsers and plotters see the shape and trajectory of their manuscripts and identify problem areas they might not have noticed. It’s called the Inside Outline. The Inside Outline is a powerfully simple tool that makes it possible to track both plot development and character arc in a single, living document. Why does that matter? Because writers can then see the logic of the plot and how it reflects the inner workings of their main character. It helps writers to pull apart those complex layers so they can fuse them effectively in their manuscript.

The beauty of this tool is that it works for both pantsers and plotters, and can be used at the beginning of your project when all you’ve got is an idea, in the middle when you’ve written yourself into a corner, and at the end, when you’ve got a completed manuscript but something isn’t working quite right. In this workshop, writers will create their own Inside Outline and receive personalized feedback. Once you are familiar with this technique you’ll never look back!

Through Writers in Progress, $75


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The Craft of Historical Fiction

This self-paced online class hosted at Wet Ink is for anyone interested in digging deeper into what’s involved with writing historical fiction. I share my insights as the author of nine historical novels, with examples and craft tips. Once you purchase the course you will be sent a unique access link to start the class.

The Craft of Historical Fiction Self-paced Online Class