Rein in Your Research!

Get tried-and-true tips and guidance about how to make sure your research serves your story!

My first digital course will launch on July 1! It’s called Rein in Your Research, and it’s perfect for anyone who gets stuck down the research rabbit hole, or who finds the prospect of digging up the right, relevant information for your story completely daunting.

And then, even when you find it, how do you keep it organized so you can get to it quickly?

Rein in Your Research is my new, self-paced digital course where I share my years of experience researching historical novels and keeping all those facts and fascinating tidbits within easy reach.

Each of the three modules features videos, practical worksheets, and lists of resources to help you find what you’re looking for.

Lifetime access to the course materials is just $199.

The course goes live on July 1, at which time I’ll send you an email with instructions for logging in and accessing the course.

Sign up now for Rein in Your Research launching July 1!

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